Zeuscallum is an Upper Admiral of Starfleet'. He has come to have been called Zeus by comrades.

Childhood Edit

Zeus lived on Earth as a human for most of his childhood, and lived a mostly ordinary life.

Teenage Years Edit

Zeus began to study science, mathematics, and technology in his early teenage years. He joined a space expedition as a recruit at the age of 15. During the expedition, the ship was attacked and the crew was unarmed. Zeus challenged the alien captain on the condition that, should he win, the entire enemy crew would leave the ship and its' crew unharmed.

Zeus was barely a match for the alien captain at the time, and as such he attempted to dodge the captain's attacks for the first half of the fight, whilst hacking into the ship's main computer system through a terminal in the bridge. His right arm's nervous system was severed by the captain's weapon before completing the hack. He then proceeded to hack the terminal with only his left arm. The purpose of the hack was to activate the ship's built-in laser defence system, which created a grid wall of lasers along half the bridge. Zeus then pushed the enemy captain into the laser grid, but not before the captain was able to spit acid into Zeus' left eye.

Cybernetic Enhancement Edit

Zeus then had his body repaired by an unidentified advanced bio-technological engineer, who implanted ultra-thin fiber optic cables to carry his nerve signals through his arm. The engineer also created a 'cyber-eye' which replaced his destroyed left eye. Finally, the engineer added several enhancements, such as a plasma blade on the side of his lower right arm which can be enabled and disabled at will.

Adult Life Edit

Zeus officially joined Starfleet after the expedition's somewhat success and was rewarded for his bravery in the face of danger. He eventually became an Upper Admiral of Starfleet and is crew aboard the USS Victory-D.

Unnamed Advanced Bio-Technological Engineer Edit

The person who treated Zeuscallum, and provides him with his cybernetic enhancements is unknown. The identity of this person is a well-kept secret. All we know has been told to us by Zeuscallum himself: He has stated that "they're not a machine", which tells us that they are not a robot. This does not, however, rule out that the Engineer is a cyborg, as Zeus doesn't class cyborgs as "a machine", and would instead say "part machine" or the like. Zeus has not officially used a gender-specific term, however has on occasion used terms for either gender when referencing the Engineer in casual conversation. Whilst "he" can (although uncommon) be used as a general term for an unspecified gender (Now obsolete; most people use "they"), "she" is nearly always in reference to a female. The use of terms for both genders, and non gender-specific terms could suggest that the Engineer is gender-fluid and/or is a species which does not have solid genders. This has never been confirmed. The appearance of the Engineer is as secretive as their name, as Zeus refuses to give any details - not even hair, eye, or skin colour (provided they were human-like in appearance).

The reason for the secretism around the Engineer is also unknown. It may be due to simple anonymity, or a more serious or complex reason. The Engineer has been dubbed a few anonymous aliases:

  • The Engineer
  • Unnamed Engineer
  • Mysterious Engineer
  • ABTE (Advanced Bio Technological Engineer)
  • ABE (Advanced Biotechnological Engineer)
  • Bio-Technological Engineer
  • Techy Person
  • The Cybernetic Enhancement Engineer

Enhancements Edit

  • Plasma Blade - Zeuscallum has a plasma blade which maintains its shape via a magnetic field generated from cybernetic implants. It is 'attached' to his lower right arm and can be activated and deactivated at will.
  • Cyber Eye - His Cyber Eye has the ability to show the name, health, and distance of any humanoid at a glance by automatically accessing a database, running scans, and calculating distance simultaneously. It also has the ability to digitally zoom his vision to see far-off objects. This is, however, a limited zoom which cannot effectively increase the accuracy of the user.
  • Rebreather - He requested a rebreather upgrade after several missions resulting in him being gassed or suffocated by the vacuum of space. The rebreather can be equipped and unequipped at will and constructs itself in an instant.
  • Increased Damage Resistance - Parts of his body have been coated with metal or synthetic material, making them less vulnerable to damage.
  • Disease Resistance - His immune system has been augmented to better destroy pathogens that enter the body, as well as cancerous cells.
  • Speed - The muscles in his legs have been strengthened to allow running at faster speeds than a regular human, though not to considerable "superhuman" levels.

Relationships Edit

Cvscvs2 Edit

Zeus' relationship with cvscvs2 is complicated. Essentially, they are comrades, though cvs outranks him. There are commonly disputes between the two, but they maintain friendship for the most part.

YanaTheWolfGirl Edit

Yana was introduced into Starfleet' by Zeus, and she was already a close friend of Zeus. They have maintained a close relationship, and though there have been rumours about both Cvscvs2 and Zeus holding romantic feelings about her, neither rumours are true, and can be confirmed false by both Cvs and Zeus respectively.

Gallery Edit

Before injury: Edit


Zeuscallum had no cybernetic enhancements, and was an ordinary human.

Cybernetically Enhanced V1.0: Edit

Version 1.0 was rudimentary compared to Version 2.0. It featured the same enhancements, however Zeus' arm had only been upgraded with synthetic materials, with high-strength polymer bone replacements, superconductive wiring as nerve replacements, ultra-thin plastic tubes as blood vessel replacements, high-strength nylon cord as ligament replacements, and a thin ulderlaying layer of metal, covered with a layer of synthetic skin. His plasma blade had also been attached.

Besides his right arm, which is the main difference from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0, his power core ran on a much less efficient substance, which created a more vibrant blue glow - this same substance was burned to create plasma for his plasma blade.

Cybernetically Enhanced V2.0: Edit


Version 2.0 featured the same enhancements as Version 1.0, however his arm had now been completely replaced by a cybernetic one. The arm consisted of metal joints and wires inside a "sock of black rubbery squidgy-widgy stuff", which is covered with plates of an unnamed metal alloy. The plasma blade remains attached to his right arm, despite the whole arm being replaced.

As of Version 2.0, the power core was fuelled by a much more efficient substance, which "could burn for 2 centuries with me using as much energy as I could the whole time". Despite an even better fuel being presented to him, he insisted upon using this fuel because "I like the blue, and imagine having a yellow core on your chest! Imagine your blade being yellow! Nobody would take a threat seriously if it was yellow!" (The alternate fuel available burns a yellowish colour.) The yellow-burning fuel which he rejected is estimated to provide power for 500 years with average power consumption from his body (Whilst it could only be used to power a starship for 1/100 of that time.)

Cybernetically Enhanced V2.7: Edit

Version 2.7 has not been created yet, but is in the design stage. From what Zeuscallum has revealed, it may have the power core moved to either his right shoulder or the top of his spine, between his shoulders. It may have metal plating around his right shoulder to secure his cybernetic arm better, and may have a metal 'spine' (which will run along his back, over his spine - not replace his existing spine). It has also been suggested that his legs may have more apparent upgrades, as the upgrades in place are hidden under his flesh. He has said that if he upgrades his legs, he may add plates and/or a frame running down the back or sides of them, but insists that his feet will remain bare for unknown reasons. His Cyber Eye may be replaced with a new model, and his arm may have LEDs fixed into it, for visual appeal.

Project S.T.A.R.T (Synthetic Technological Advanced Retinal Transhumanism) Edit

Project START, from what we know, was a project briefly worked on by The Engineer to enhance the Cyber Eye to "further the power of the one who wields it". START was to replace Zeus' Cyber Eye, and would have a distinctively different appearance. START was to be made of a black metal, feature a black/dark grey sclera, a yellow iris, and black pupil - a considerably different appearance to the blank whiteness of the Cyber Eye. It was supposed to be available to multiple people, through the surgical removal of their left eye, or in Zeus' case, uninstallation of his Cyber Eye.

START was to be able to display health, distance and name, just like the Cyber Eye, as well as new functions such as the ability to track targets when not looking at them, display the walkspeed of the target, display an optical laser to the target (only seen by the user) which would be blocked by obstructions to show if the user had a clear shot, zoom further, and fire a beam of energy which could be set to stun or to kill a target, among other features.

START was mainly combat based, and as such the project was discontinued because Starfleet protocol would not allow such a weapon, and there was the possibility of START being given to someone who would use it to harm innocents. The design remains intact and is possessed by the Engineer. The project (and subsequently the plans for the device itself) was called S.T.A.R.T mainly because it was to be the first in a line of combat-oriented cybernetic enhancements, planned by the Engineer, hence it being the start of the series. It is unknown what the other devices would have been and what they may have been called.

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