A Victory Class starship is simply a hybrid starship; a starship that combines two or more other classes to create a unique design. The first Victory Class starship was the Uss Victory-B, a combination of most of the major starship classes, hence the name "Victory Class".

List of Victory Class Starships Edit

Below is a list of all offically Victory Class starships

- Uss Victory-B (decommissioned)

- Uss Victory-C (Destroyed)

- Uss Victory-D (commissioned)

- Uss Victory-E (Destroyed)

- Uss Polaris (shipyards)

-USS Vainglorious (Under construction)

Discontinuation Edit

After the unexpected warp core breach, and subsequent total destruction, of the not yet completed Uss Victory-E, Starfleet' decided to end the hodge-podge "Victory" class, and begin building other ships. Though Victory class ships were maneuverable, fast, and high powered, they were simply too cost ineffective and prone to malfunctions for the benefits to outweigh the risks.