The Uss Victory-D is a ship built, launched in 2385 (2015), and captained by Head Admiral cvscvs2.

History Edit

Though this ship is actually the fourth victory, it is called the Uss Victory-D, due to cvscvs2's ignorance of the typical rules for that situation. The First three Victorys were nowhere near as advanced and well built as this latest one, though they still have a nostalgic value to many people who were on the crew, or even just used it once or twice in a RP.

The ship was decommissioned in late 2386 (2016), to make way for the Uss Victory-E.

Description Edit

The Victory-D is a ship built for speed and exploration. It's speed can go up to warp 9.2, but if necessary can sustain warp 9.89 for a period of 7 hours. It consists of seven decks, which contain everything from a mess hall to a shuttle bay. Deck 1 is the most widely used deck, being that it contains the crew meeting room, the captains ready room, and of course the bridge. The ship is also equipped with force fields that can seal all or any of the decks. It has 8-10 shuttles in the shuttle bay, some named after things from the groups past, others from the Star Trek genre, and others just random.

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