Traxia's main logo, often tattooed somewhere on their members

"Mors ad ipsam Foederationem!" ~ The Traxian Motto

Traxia is a terrorist organization of unknown reach and power. Their mission statement is simple: death to the Federation, downfall to the government and organization.

They are also known to have some kind alliance with the Cardassians. Their total kill count is somewhere around 4 billion.

Known Attacks Edit

There have been several attacks carried out by this organization. Those listed below are in chronological order.

Rigellia Edit

The mining planet of Rigellia. The entire planet was obliterated by an unknown weapon, and many minerals and valuable items were taken before the USS Victory-D managed to stop them. It is suspected that they did manage to escape with many of these supplies, though. It is somewhere around 200 who died.

The Victory-D Tribble Incident Edit

A tribble was sneaked onto the USS Victory-D by an agent of this organization. This tribble was genetically modified, and quickly overtook the first three decks with it's multiplication. These tribbles also attacked people. In total, 75 people (officers and some family members on deck 2, crew quarters) were killed in the attack, either by tribbles or the surrounding chaos. The Victory was recovered, however.

The Future Ugly Incident Edit

Admiral Ugly's future self appeared on the USS Victory-D during a routine mission. During the encounter, it was stated that at some point in his timeline, Bunny not only joined Traxia, but became leader and made the USS Cosmo into the new Traxia flagship - upgrading it to beyond the USS Vainglorious' technological advancement level. Also during the incident, the Traxian flagship attacked the Victory-D, the flagship had shields which easily survived a barrage directed by Bunny which, according to her "would have destroyed even the Cosmo". The ship was stopped after Future Ugly contacted the flagship, pretending to be Admiral Ugly from the present, and calling off the attack, thus revealing that Admiral Ugly is currently a high ranking member of Traxia, or potentially its' leader.

Biological Attacks on the Victory-D Edit

Later that year, the Victory D was infected with a mutated form of the Rigellian Fever and another virus at the same time. The viruses killed a total of 388 people (out of the crew of 400 the Victory had) before Doctor Golder managed to find a cure. The rest narrowly escaped death. The viruses were brought aboard by an unnamed medical officer who was working for Traxia. This attack was the most deadly so far.

Meliki Liki Maka Edit

The planet Meliki Liki Maka's core was made up entirely of Blue Matter, and was unfortunately located directly between the border of Cardassia and the United Federation of Planets. Both organizations immediately began peace talks with the planet upon its discovery, Cardassia for exploitation, and the Federation for protection. The Victory-D, under Commodore Estricta, was sent for these talks. Unfortunately, a practical joke was played on the warp core, that made them lose the race to reach there to the Cardassians. A Traxian ship was also there. Tactical opened fire, against Estricta's orders, first. This caused the Traxian ship to lose the battle, but the Cardassians soon came to their aid.

It was then when the crew realized that the Traxian Flagship had warped to the other side of the planet, and had begun mining the core for the blue matter. Seeing no alternative, the Victory was forced to fly towards the mining hole to the core, and detonated a torpedo within the core of the planet, destroying it, and the supply of blue matter, in the process. This also caused the death of the 4 billion Hawaiian like inhabitants of the planet. The Victory escaped, as did the Traxian flagship, with an unknown quantity of Blue Matter.

Known Members Edit

  • Admiral Ugly (Confirmed by an encounter with Admiral Ugly from the future, as well as the dossier of Traxia names)
  • Captain Vulcanian (Confirmed by the dossier of Traxia names, and presumed dead)
  • Volvo (Unknown to the Federation. Also, is actually Vulcanian above.)
  • Ensign Desmond Kane (unknown to the Federation)
  • Commodore Estricta
  • Bunny (In the Future Ugly Incident, it was stated that Bunny in the future would become the leader of Traxia. Present Bunny is not a member of Traxia, and the timeline in which this happened may have been erased.)
  • A few hundred random low ranking officers, confirmed by the dossier of Traxia names.