Origin Edit

The first ever Oblaan Eye was created when three red giant stars were collided together via an irregular gravitational field. The three stars were compressed into a superdense solid sphere, known as the Oblaan Orb.

Oblaan Orb Edit

The Oblaan Orb was said to contain enough pressure and energy to create a second big bang, though this has never been confirmed. The Oblaan Eye was approximately 1000 kilostuds in radius. The orb was unstable, and as such it began to change state from the outside inwards, losing mass and size until it became stable.

Oblaan Eye Edit

The Oblaan Orb became an Oblaan Eye when made sentient by advanced atomic reconstruction science, turning it into organic matter consisting mainly of helium and hydrogen atoms. An Oblaan Eye is approximately 0.5 studs in radius, and has only a small fraction of the Orb's power. Its' core slowly burns, and because of this, every billion years, a new eye is created.

Mitotic Reproduction Edit

Oblaan Eyes are capable of Complete Instant Mitosis - the event of every (or many) cell(s) in an organism undergoing mitosis within a short time, producing a clone of the organism. Every billion years, the Oblaan Eye undergoes Complete Instant Mitosis and creates a clone of itself. At this point, two Eyes will exist for approximately 12 seconds before the original eye is wholly engulfed into the clone to be burned as its' new core.

Defence And Offence Edit

The Eye's only method of attack is to fire a laser from its' "pupil", which is formed by burning a small fraction of its' core to produce light, which is then refracted, concentrated, and filtered of most colour by the lens in the "pupil" of the Eye.

The eye can be killed and destroyed by certain methods, but these methods have not been revealed or certified.

Current Eye Edit

The current only Eye in existence is in possession of Upper Admiral Zeuscallum of Starfleet', and is kept in his quarters aboard the USS Victory-D. It is contained in a glass canister for safety, which reduces the destructive power of the laser, and prevents the eye from becoming unstable from natural causes. The current Eye is only around 10,000 years old, though the exact date of its' creation is not known.

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