This is the mission log for canon roleplays for starfleet. To get information on how to add them and on other things, contact cvscvs2 via roblox. To find the star date according to our system, use the last two numbers of the year, the two of the month and then . the day. Like the day this was written was February 5th 2016. For that, the stardate is 1602.05. Simple? Yeah. You understand it at first? Probably not.

Logs Edit


Stardate 1603.22 (March 22nd, 2016)

Aboard the Uss Victory-D

Report by Head Admiral (captain of the ship) cvscvs2

It started on a routine mission, when suddenly we were hit by a rapidly expanding temporal anomaly. We got transported 63 years into the future, and vulcan was a volcanic world with tons of debris for federation starships orbiting it. Our ship was majorly damaged, and the Uss Infinity hailed us. It turned out they were using an advanced holographic device to mask the planet and the ship. They ordered us to lower our shields and prepared to be boarded, but gamegecko42 insisted that he had a way home, so we tried to buy some time. TheFuwwyFox tried everything he knew, and game flew out in a shuttle. He insisted if he transferred himself into his energy being self fast enough, he could reopen the anomaly, and we could escape. The Infinity began powering its weapons and threatening that it would forcibly board us if necessary. Game then proceeded to sacrifice himself, and the temporal shockwave headed towards us at very fast speeds. The Infinity shot at us, but we managed to be sucked back into our correct time before we could be destroyed. We did, however, obtain large amounts of damage. The casualty reports came in, and gamegecko was lost along with over 300 people who were mostly the families of on-duty crewmen. Since we ended up in orbit around earth, we pulled into a drydock for repairs, and I gave every crewman 2 months of leave.


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