VerranIpaos (Hondra30)

VerranIpaos (Hondra30) recently, as of November 18th, 2016.

Hondra30, now known as VerranIpaos, was the first Head Admiral, and founder, of the original Starfleet.

History Edit

Hondra30 began the original Stafleet group, alongside 8q1sgrov, running ads and creating guidelines and other important group aspects, quickly growing the member count of the group, as well as leadership positions. After a short while, Cvscvs2 achieved the position of Second In Command, after 8q1sgrov's treason and removal.

Frequent spouts of inactivity, and general disinterest in the Star Trek genre on Roblox, caused him to transfer leadership to his Second in Command, Cvscvs2. Remaining in the group pretty much up until its shutdown, he remained a background member of the group.

After quite a few months, if not longer, Cvs gave the group to Zeuscallum after being forced out of leadership by fellow members in a rebellion. Not wanting to lead the group, Zeuscallum transferred control of the group back to Hondra30 temporarily, to be given back to Cvs once Cvs had his Builders Club renewed (Which was expired at the time, and is required to become leader of a group). Almost immediately after taking control of the group, he began making many changes, some of which were large. Not liking the changes, Cvs began a second, further rebellion to oppose the changes, and refused Hondra's requests to end hostility and return to co-leading the group. After Cvs denied, Hondra initiated an order within the Third and Second in command leadership roles, leading to the exile of everyone in the group. After a hard decision between permanent shutdown, and allowing the group to rebuild itself, Hondra decided to shut it down permanently, in the hopes that a brand new group with more functionality would allow the group to relive the best days it had, and to rebuild the support that the group had in the community, leading to an even greater group. For more information on the downfall of the original Starfleet, see here.

The group intended to reform the original Starfleet group was short-lived, with the majority of the leadership from the original group splintering, half of them supporting Cvs and the other half supporting Hondra. Leadership roles not being filled, and real life events such as school and social events hindering Hondra's ability to get on and lead the group eventually led to it falling into a slumber-state, with the restoration project being abandoned entirely not long after. Those who followed Hondra, for the most part, went to Cvs' new group, Starfleet'.

Regret over events of the original groups downfall eventually caused him to leave the Star Trek genre entirely not long after the project was abandoned, and for the most part Roblox. Though, every once in a while, Hondra does private message Cvs, Zeus and other old leadership members, in order to attempt to repair relations, as well as to keep in touch with those whom he considers old friends, and at one point, old enemies, however briefly.

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