The Federation President is a rank not normally achievable in Starfleet. To get this rank, you must run in the Presidential Election, and succeed in getting the majority of the votes. The election is held once every three months, and a President can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. If, however, they serve two, and someone else is elected in the third time, they can go back the fourth election and run again. The article posted to explain this to the group can be found here:

History Edit

The Federation President rank was created by cvscvs2, for several reasons. The primary reason was that he was leaving for several months, and he would be mostly inactive for that time. Thus, he needed someone to take over in that time. Another reason was the benefit of having two people as leaders of the group. They could consult with each other, and split aspects of leading between themselves. On top of that, there was the fact that, when cvs made a decision, some people were discontented, and displeased with his absolute power. This way, the decision has to be agreed upon by both leaders to be put into action, and since the people voted in one of the leaders, they couldn't complain as much.

List Of Presidents Edit

The following is a list of the former and current Presidents of the group.

  1. IndustriousSpock: Elected 3/31/2017
  2. (OMGcaptainJessica): Elected 7/1/2017
  3. (Name Here): Elected 9/30/2017

List Of Candidates Edit

The following is a list of candidates who ran in each election.

  1. anajay2, IndustriousSpock, OMGcaptainJessica, VerranIpaos
  2. IndustriousSpock, OMGcaptainJessica, anajay2, gamegecko42, NCC7905 (TIED, THEN: OMGCAPTAINJESSICA, INDUSTRIOUSSPOCK)

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