Old counrty doctor
Doctor Golder is one of the various alter-egos of cvscvs2 that he uses during roleplays for starfleet.

Character Edit

Golder was first used on a mission aboard Station Yomoint, when the crew had no medical personnel aboard. Since then, the character has been used several times, and continues to be used today. The character's personality was originally modeled after Dr. McCoy, from TOS, but the appearance is what cvscvs2 wears for his normal character, only with gold hair and a blue shirt. The gold hair is how the name "Dr. Golder" came about.

His rank is Lieutenant Commander.

His personality has changed somewhat since his conception, and he is now a regularly used character. His backstory is unknown, and much about him is also unknown. He is from what used to be the southern USA, and talks in a mild accent as such.

He is generally kind, and a very good doctor. He often uses McCoy's "I'm a doctor, not a (whatever)" saying, and especially doesn't like command roles.