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Cvscvs2 is the Head Admiral of Starfleet', and the captain/designer of the Uss Victory-D.

Early Life (13) Edit

Cvs, as himself and his companions call him, does not remember much of his early life, due to the fact that at the age of thirteen, his memory was wiped. The reason of the memory wipe is unknown. The only personal memory he retained was that both of his parents were Starfleet' captains. Since that was the only memory he had, he decided to follow in their footsteps, and began training for Starfleet.

Later Life (14+) Edit

At the age of fourteen, Cvs adopted the name of Cvs, for an unknown reason. By the time he was seventeen, he had taken the Starfleet' Academy exam, and passed. He graduated at the top of his class. From there, he went on to quickly rise in the ranks, while Head Admiral hondra30 carefully watched his progress. Eventually, he rose to the rank of Fleet Admiral (second in command), along with a now close friend of his, S'Fach. Soon afterwards, Head Admiral hondra announced that he was retiring, and giving the group to one of his second in commands. He chose Cvs, due to the fact that S'Fach was not eligible at the time. Since then, Cvs has stayed in his position, even recreating starfleet after Downfall.

Relationships Edit

Gamegecko42 Edit

S'Fach (gamegecko42) was most definitely Cvs' closest friend in Starfleet', as well as his second in command. Unfortunately, S'Fach died while heroically saving everyone aboard the Uss Victory-D.

Zeuscallum Edit

Cvs's relationship with zeuscallum is complicated, to say the least. They were introduced to each other via a mutual friend, and befriended each other immediately. Their relationship majorly degraded during downfall, after zeuscallum gave the group back to Hondra30. They became close friends again after restoration, but it was never the same again. Sometimes they are at each others throats, other times they act like the best of friends.

Hondra30 Edit

Hondra30 was, before downfall, a close match to S'Fach for his closest friend. They had known each other almost since the founding of Starfleet. This was another reason why Cvs took command when Hondra resigned.

YanaTheWolfGirl Edit

Cvs was introduced to Yana via zeuscallum. They have been friends on and off for most of the time they have known each other, and there is a rumor going around that Cvs has romantic feelings for Yana. Cvs denies this accusation.

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