Kara Femus is a cadet in Starfleet' owned by Kara_AX400CL.


Kara grew up on Cait with her parents. She spent her childhood dreaming of joining Starfleet', imagining becoming a doctor in a large starship.

Adult LifeEdit

Upon becoming an adult, she immediately left Cait and immediately joined Starfleet Academy to fullfill her dreams of becoming a medical officer on a big ship.

Starfleet' CareerEdit

Kara very recently joined Starfleet', being only a cadet. She's a medical officer and hopes to rise the ranks to eventually become an admiral.


  • Kara has always had an interest in the medical divison.
    • She tested as every division and was the best in medical.
  • Her name is a mix of the latin words for "female" and "cat."