Admiral ug

Admiral Eugine "Ug-Lee" Ugly was one of cvscvs2's various alter-egos he used at starfleet roleplays. However, Ugly is now his own account, AdmiralUgly

History Edit

Admiral Ugly's early career is mostly unknown. The earliest definite knowledge we have on him is that he was captain of the Uss Vortex, where he discovered several new alien species, and was the promoted to admiral.

Admiral Ugly was then seen on a mission on the Uss Victory-B. In the mission, the Captain, cvscvs2, died. The admiral was on board, and he assumed command of the ship. Long story short, the admiral made some very bad decisions, and eventually a mutiny broke out, and Vampireman22 took command, after throwing the admiral in the brig. Later in the roleplay, the ship was attacked by an alien race, and they took the admiral hostage and tortured him. The admiral lost his left arm before vampireman rescued him.

Personality Edit

The admiral's personality was, to say the least, annoying. According to the admiral, he had the 2iC rank, so the only person who didn't have to disobey his orders was the Head Admiral and game, his fellow Fleet Admiral. The admiral tended to take too many risks, and didn't really care about the life of anyone but himself. He also thought himself above the regular crew members.

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