Bunny (Prev. Zeuscallum) is a member who has been in the group for a long time. She was around in the original, and is a Vice Admiral in the current one. She came out and transgender in november 2017 and changed her gender. For her roleplay character, click here.

History Edit

Bunny joined the group some time during cvscvs2's leadership in the old group. She was referred by cvs, and since then rose in the ranks very quickly. She has been known to disobey orders and participate in arguments and rebellions. She is the unofficial group scripter. She was nicknamed WildCard by cvscvs2 during Project BlackJack, but her nickname for herself was "BadWolf". This was later changed to "Vokun Grohiik" and then to "Coder", and finally to "Bunny" after her gender change.

Roleplay Characters Edit

Bunny has had perhaps the most recurring characters out of every member of the group. Here is a list of most of them from most used (top) to least used (bottom):

  • Bunny
  • Dollay
  • Nyssa
  • Jintaria Starburner (A time-travelling, dimension-hopping bounty hunter/mercenary and space-age cowgirl gunslinger. She travels the multiverse hunting criminals in her small 6-man ship, piloting it with only herself and an AI named BitByte. Her technology was so advanced that in her one encounter with the Victory D, BitByte was able to take complete control of the Victory, and phasers were rendered useless by her personal forcefield.)
  • Eirebelle (Daughter of The Engineer and half-sister of Admiral Ugly, she is a prodigy trained in engineering by The Engineer, and was the main engineer of the Traxian flagship, making her the reason it is so powerful. She is yet to appear in a RP, but has been mentioned.)
  • Aimée De Louise [Also written Aimee Delouise] (A character who is currently in the early concept stages, she will be a member of the crew aboard the USS Victoire, and a resident of the alternate universe from which the ship came from. She is likely to have blonde hair, and her native language will be French, as is the standard of her universe.)
  • Lucess Naturae / Penny Dreadful [The name is yet to be settled on. Lucess Naturae comes from the latin "lusus naturae", meaning "freak of nature", while Penny Dreadful is a reference to the weekly comics produced costing just a penny during the 19th century and were typically violent or horror themed.] (This character will be a disguise of Bunny after her faked death planned in the future, when she returns to the fleet under a new identity.)

Known Affiliations Edit

- Starfleet'

- Okami